The Giving Cake

Welcome to The Giving Cake. This home-based bakery was started for two reasons. First, I love to bake for others. Second, I am a believer that together we can make the world a better place.

How it started…


In 2020, like most people, I found I had a lot more time on my hands. So, I decided it was time to learn how to properly decorate a birthday cake for my kids. (We won’t talk about the years of cake fails my boys have endured.) While musing about online cake decorating, I saw a post my friend shared of gorgeous buttercream flower cupcakes. I was memorized and hunted to learn more. Turns out the cupcake creator had online classes available. So, I jumped on the opportunity and was instantly hooked.


The cupcake baking and decorating began, and my family and friends were soon inundated with cupcakes. The response I heard over and over was ‘you should sell these!’ I laughed it off—as I already had a full-time job—but then had an idea…What if I sold my cupcakes but donated the profits? 


As much as I loved baking at a young age, a key influence in my life is the value instilled by my parents to always giving back to others. This led to my doing volunteer work and serving on boards for nonprofit organizations since I was a little girl. (Well, obviously I wasn’t serving on boards when I was little—unless you count being the secretary for a meeting or two in 4H—but yeah…) With the pandemic shutting down the economy, and many nonprofit organizations unable to have their large in-person events, I saw my opportunity to help and give back and started The Giving Cake. I’m able to bake and decorate cupcakes while donating the profits to nonprofit organizations in our community. 


Thank you for helping me to help others with your order of fancy flower cupcakes.

The Giving Cake - Santa Cruz Fancy Flower Cupcakes supporting Santa Cruz County nonprofits

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Supporting Our Community

Your order is more than a sweet treat to share with friends and family. All profits are donated to nonprofit organizations in our community. When you place an order you can choose the nonprofit you would like to support.